10 fun games for development of memory of the baby


To develop the baby’s memory, especially visual, we offer you 10 entertaining games!

The game of “Who came?”

Put before the child a few toys and say that they came to visit him, but another guest is late. Invite him to close his eyes, and do quickly add to “company” one more toy. Now let your child guess which toy appeared.

The game “Who is hiding?”

This game is similar to the previous one, only when the child close their eyes, remove one toy and ask who hid. To complicate the game, you can put the baby more toys, and then pick up 2-3, and he should guess who it was out of sight.

The Game “Train”

On a sheet of paper draw a train with three carriages. Separately cut-out cardboard faces of animals that the child knows, for example: dog, cat, and bear. Help each tenderloin on the wagon and discuss with him how the trailer rides. Then mix the faces and tell the kid to seat the animals to their former places.

The Game “The Locker”

Glue several empty boxes of matches, or use paper cups for this game. Tell the child that came to him sweetie or favorite doll and asked me to hide your precious stone in a locker (or under glass). Then the time to distract the child with conversation about anything. Now it’s time to return the stone Bunny. What kind of box it is (or what drink)? Let the child will remember it!

Play “Meal”

Put before the child three toys: a doll, a Bunny and a puppy. Take on hands a doll and “popote” her from a toy Cup, then “popote” Bunny and at the end of the puppy. Let your child tell the order in which pili animals.

The game is “copy me!”

Put the kid some toys and make each of them different actions: bear put on the table, Bunny toss up and catch, flip the machine in motion. Invite the child to repeat your actions with the same toys.

The game “where is Who hiding?”

Take a few boxes of different colors or appearance. When the child is put in one box with a ball in the other cube, the third doll. Ask the kid to show which box the doll, and which the cube. You can also mix boxes and ask, pointing at one of them: “What is here?”. The child needs to remember, and then call the object and look inside to check.

The game “Who lives where?”

Cut from cardboard three houses (the houses should be different in color and size). In the first house will be “live” bear, the second Bunny in the third – cat. “Russell” toys home.

Please note the baby, who is in what house he lives. On of the toy “go” from houses and go for a “walk”. After “walking” it is necessary to return the toys in their houses. The houses can be flat, in this case the cardboard should be cut and figures of animals. Instead of houses, you can use toy cars – who’s machine came.

The game “who was that?”

Put before the child three toy animals and “give” each toy different objects: for example, the rabbit — ball, bear – jar, the monkey – toothbrush. Then ask the child to close his eyes and remember what “holds” in the clutches of the Bunny and the bear and monkey.

Game “Remember the tale”

Most likely, your child knows Russian folk tales, such as “Repka”, “Kolobok” “Teremok”. Prepare cards with the image of the characters of one of these stories and tell them through a story. Then ask the child to put the cards in the right order, such as: Dedkov, grandmother, granddaughter, bugs, cat and mouse.

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