7 everyday things that hinder child development


We parents want for their child the best of everything. But, as the saying goes, sometimes the best is the enemy of good, and plenty of toys and gadgets helpers can become a stumbling block in the development of the baby.

Let’s look at 7 things that can hamper the child’s development, some of which are just there in every home!

Diapers after 1.5 years

Any action of the child should be stimulated. You can’t expect the crumbs that he will begin to restrain their need and know when you need to be patient if it is constantly wearing a diaper.

Curved spoons

Of course, today invented a lot of devices that allow clean and efficient to feed the baby spoons in the form of a plane, spoon with spout and curved models. They help the mother to save the washing powder and to protect nerves but do not develop the child’s spatial representation. With such devices a baby to learn to eat much later than without them.


The same applies to walkers who do not give the baby to fall down and dulled his sense of security. If the baby does not feel legs and arms around the earth itself and not fall, then it will longer to form views on the world around him.


Of course, TV is not useful for the child, if he’s not watching some kind of educational transfer or series. But most of all TV threat when turn it on for “background”. Thus the child gets used that in space you can always hear sounds and then afraid to be in silence.

The abundance of interactive toys

The best game for the child that allows him to think and to dream, to come up with rules and images. Interactive toy will teach kids mechanical repetition and limit flights of fancy.

Games on the tablet without restrictions

Become addicted to games on the tablet easy and a child of 3 years, if you do not limit play time. So the desire to play and pass the new level may completely overshadow all other interests of the child.

Three-wheeled scooters after 3 years

To a child’s progress in development and he had secured new skills and not played on the thumb, change the scooter 2-wheel. Physical development runs parallel with intellectual, therefore, does not slow down development where it can be accelerated!

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