Aug 03

7 everyday things that hinder child development

We parents want for their child the best of everything. But, as the saying goes, sometimes the best is the enemy of good, and plenty of toys and gadgets helpers can become a stumbling block in the development of the baby. Let’s look at 7 things that can hamper the child’s development, some of which […]

Jul 18

10 fun games for development of memory of the baby

To develop the baby’s memory, especially visual, we offer you 10 entertaining games! The game of “Who came?” Put before the child a few toys and say that they came to visit him, but another guest is late. Invite him to close his eyes, and do quickly add to “company” one more toy. Now let […]

Jul 17

Glenn Doman. The basic principles of methodologies of early development

Glenn Doman / Doman, Glenn – American physician, founder of the “Institute of achievement of human potential” in Philadelphia. Author of books and methods in early child development. The basic idea of the technique is based on the fact that from any child can make a genius. The best age to start training is 3-6 […]

Jul 07

Early development – school for the little ones. How are classes in schools early development – Russian methodics

Every parent wants his child was smart, read a lot and studied well at school, happily engaged and became an educated man. So many want to start teaching the kid at an early age. And here in front of parents raises many questions: where to start? how and what to do? at what age should […]

Jun 28

Top 8 games for development of memory of fruit and plants

If you want your child to not just know the name of the fruit, but was able to describe each fruit, its taste and smell, to distinguish from similar so these 8 games on the development of memory is what you need! We offer you and your child to play entertaining games for the development […]