Glenn Doman. The basic principles of methodologies of early development


Glenn Doman / Doman, Glenn – American physician, founder of the “Institute of achievement of human potential” in Philadelphia. Author of books and methods in early child development.
The basic idea of the technique is based on the fact that from any child can make a genius. The best age to start training is 3-6 months.
Books: “How to teach your baby to read”, “How to teach your baby math”, “Harmonious development of the child”, “How to give your baby encyclopedic knowledge”, etc.

Basic principles of child development for Domani.

Small children consider education the most important skill necessary for survival.
Small children want to learn everything possible and do it right now.
Little children believe that it is better for studying anything and can not be.

1. Physical development

“Movement is the Foundation for all other human abilities.”
Physical development of children Doman has identified the perfect place. Will not the man of a developed intellect, developed without a physical body.

Development of “physical intelligence”, as he called the author of the program, you need to start to do from birth. The first classes are held at the track for crawling. Compulsory exercises for kids on the monkey bars.

2. Reading

“Young children can and should learn to read words, sentences just as they learn to understand oral speech.”

Learning to read by the method of Doman, also occur on cards on which were written the words as a whole, not divided into syllables and letters. According to the author, the child is easier to remember a whole word than to break it into letters, and then again in my mind to put in a word.

3. Math
“Children should be taught to consider as early as possible, as this will contribute to the physical development of the brain, and therefore of what we call intelligence.”

It is very important to teach the child to perceive the actual current number, not the abstract number which is the number referred to. The numbers are just symbols, which for a baby means nothing. Education of children takes place with the cards have from one to hundreds of red dots.

4. Encyclopedic knowledge

“The training program is the comprehensive knowledge will bring you and your child a lot of pleasant moments, not to mention that will enable him to successfully continue to navigate the world of science, art, music, history and other interesting areas of culture.”

Glenn Doman developed a system that allows you to give your baby encyclopedic knowledge. The principle is based on the daily impressions child cards, divided into themes and categories.
According to Doman, the receipt of information is through the facts. Each card Doman has exactly one fact of information (bits of intelligence), and showing to her child at a certain time and a certain way we not only contribute to the development of children’s brain but also preparing the basis for future knowledge.

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